Tascha Halliburton Braathe Enterprises

Tascha Halliburton is a philanthropist with significant experience promoting charities, social causes, and brand campaigns. From her very first campaign fundraising experience in college for the Emiquon Wildlife Center, to working with entrepreneurs and branding their startup ventures as a project manager.

Tascha’s most recent campaign involved her role as a State Director for clothing company, Liberty & Justice, ‘UNIFORM’ campaign which helped to raise a total of $230,059 for Liberian children dealing with the aftermath of the Ebola crisis. The 2015 UNIFORM campaign attracted the attention of former NBA player Shaquille O’Neal who became an ambassador for the campaign.

As a current donor and supporter for the Boys and Girls Club-Benton County, she is a supporter of social causes that promote the well-being of children and their education. Tascha also serves as an advisor for various social causes that value her industry insight and extensive network reach.