Braathe Enterprises Entrepreneurship Program

Braathe Enterprises Entrepreneurship Program

The field of entrepreneurship has allowed for some really great start-up ideas to grow and develop into the overnight success stories we know today like the Angry Birds app and Bill Gates’ Microsoft start-up.

To own a business means having a vehicle that one can drive their passion and talents through and towards any destination they choose.

Like with any vehicle, it must be maintained.

In today’s challenging economic times, the way to maintain our dreams for entrepreneurship is through education. Education allows one to do some really special things in the business world today.

The customized training programs at Braathe Enterprises have allowed for business leaders around the U.S. to maintain their vehicle for success.

Courses offered at Braathe Enterprises (Organizing and Operating a Small Business, Human Resource Management, Marketing Strategy) have given business leaders the skills and knowledge needed to make their small business flourish.

In addition, Braathe Enterprises’ online courses taught at colleges around the U.S. has planted the seed of entrepreneurship into our future generation of small-business owners.

Maintain your vehicle for success today!


Image Via Business Insider


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