Liberty & Justice Uniform Clothing Line for a Cause

11267163_1619986851546552_5311399231862417887_nEducation has always been important to me. Having just graduated with my degree from the University of Illinois I feel lucky to have various opportunities available to me as a result of my education level. Education is essential to realizing our dreams for the future. Without it, the pathway to our dreams is a road that is very difficult to travel on.

This month I discovered an organization that is making the road to education for children in Liberia much easier to travel on. Liberty & Justice, noted for their sustainable approach to producing clothing for several American clothing brands, has just launched an eco-friendly line of customized and timeless t-shirts.

In Liberia, school uniforms are required to attend school and attain an education. Unfortunately, the cost of affording an uniform is what keeps a lot of children in Liberia from realizing their dreams of becoming educated. With each purchase of a Liberty & Justice tee, a school uniform will be donated to a child in need.

Uniforms, a requirement for Liberian children to attend school Photo:

Made with 30% nylon, 7% silk, and 63% lyocell (produced from recycled beachwood), these Liberty & Justice tees are perfect for the summertime heat. What I love about theses incredibly soft tees is that because of the neutral color palette (grey, black, and white) they pair well with anything in your closet. If you’re looking for an even lighter tee for the summer, Liberty & Justice also makes a 100% African organic cotton tee that will keep you very cool in warmer months.

Tees from Liberty & Justice ‘Uniform’ Collection

In less than a week Liberty & Justice have already doubled their initial goal of raising $50,000 on Kickstarter. With just five weeks left, Liberty & Justice hopes to raise $150,000 which will help to give 6,000 uniforms to Liberian children and will also sustain jobs for mothers who are working in Liberty & Justice’s Fair Trade factory.

It’s amazing that Liberty & Justice has designed a very chic and fashionable line of tees and are making an effort to help children in need. It makes you feel less guilty about shopping because you know when you’re spending money on purchasing a tee, you’re helping someone at the same time.

Donate today by visiting the Liberty & Justice Kickstarter page!

Follow Liberty & Justice on Twitter: @uniform_is to receive updates and like them on Facebook to learn more about this initiative.





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3 thoughts on “Liberty & Justice Uniform Clothing Line for a Cause

  1. Together, we can do fabulous things with our willing hearts. This is what we need to make sure that the next generation will be where they dream for and where they are ready to work for


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