Versace ‘Eros Pour Femme’ Fragrance Review


A few weeks ago I discovered the Versace fragrance, Eros Pour Femme. Immediately I went to my nearest department store to purchase the 3.4 OZ EAU DE PARFUM Spray which retails at $120.

A good quality fragrance—while expensive, is so worth it. Built with a mixture of jasmine and lemon accents, the seductive mix is grounded by the earthiness of the Sandlewood and Musk.

Many fragrances today are going more towards a sporty scent. When you acquire a sensual scent like ‘Eros Pour Femme’, the desire for so-called ‘scratch and sniff’ fragrances dissipates. It’s a breath of fresh air to have stumbled upon such a bold feminine scent.

My Vanity Counter of Perfumes

When I wear this scent to a coffee meeting or dinner out, the luxurious feel which Eros Pour Femme embodies is ever-present with me. The fragrance by Versace sprays on bold and dies down into an alluring scent later in the day.

Another highlight of the Eros Pour Femme fragrance is simply the bottle it comes in. The voluptuous curvature of the gold bottle is further heightened with the engraving of Greek goddess Medusa’s silhouette and the Greek key design.

Follow the link to order your Eros Pour Femme Scent today! Tell me your thoughts on this scent in the comments below, or tweet me @TasHalliburton



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