Tascha Halliburton’s Guide to Minimalistic Style

“Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end, because once you get there, you can move mountains.” —Steve Jobs

My Venus is in hard aspect to the planet Saturn. For anyone who knows anything about astrology—you know that with any natal Venus/Saturn aspect comes a sense of duty & responsibility, awkwardness in love and in social settings.

But most importantly, an appreciation for timeless, classic looks.

An awkward teenager, like many in my generation who flipped through the pages of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar trying so hard to emulate the complicated styles of that time.

From my most memorable fashion DON’T of wearing a pant suit and a pair of Doc Martens to a formal Speech Club tournament in High School, to over plucking my brows; you could say that I was a late-starter in finding my personal style.

Minimalist Fashion Icon, First Lady Michelle Obama, Photo: NY Times
Minimalist Fashion Icon, First Lady Michelle Obama, Photo: NY Times
Photo: Hampton Roads
Photo: Hampton Roads

Now a woman in her early twenties, my style has evolved into a simpler style which many would call a Minimalistic approach to fashion.

Part of my reason for adopting a Minimalistic approach to the clothes I choose to wear is because my lifestyle calls for it. On the go a lot; traveling for work purposes, meeting clients. Having a simplified classic wardrobe is more efficient for my lifestyle, especially now in the time of additional priced airline carry-ons.

Despite my need for practicality with my lifestyle, I’m also finding that a less is more approach is more beautiful than anything. There’s something incredibly appealing about letting natural beauty shine through and letting your clothing be a backdrop to your beauty.

Here are a few tips to help you simplify your wardrobe and adopt the Minimalistic Style:


I’m a firm believer in high quality pieces. A $200 coat or jacket is so worth it. If you buy one that you really love, you can make it work throughout that season. Unlike buying 4-5 coats for $50 each.

When purchasing quality pieces, it’s important that the fabric is quality-made and the embellishments or detailing on the item of clothing is well-made as well.


If you stumble across a button-down that you really love, or a cashmere V-neck that looks really great with a pair of jeans, stock up on these basics. The best part of basics in your wardrobe is that they are easily interchangeable with other items in your wardrobe.

Some of the basics that you should have in your closet are a Black Trench, pair of nude and black pumps, LBD, a well-fitted blazer, basic tees, a classic bag.

Style Icon Grace Kelly


White, Gray, Navy, Brown, Olive Green, and Black are the main colors in my closet. This is because it’s much easier to put together a quality, Minimalistic look that looks classic with these colors.

Having clothing in neutral tones is also a great way to make your clothing pieces stretch throughout the week because most people probably won’t remember that black shirt you had on Monday. But they’ll probably remember that Fuchsia blouse you’ve worn 3 days in a row…


A key part of the Minimalistic style is simplifying the number of colors in your outfit. An outfit of say, only white or black is a perfect way to achieve this monochromatic ideal.

I love the idea of wearing a black V-neck with a pair of black trousers to match, along with a contrasting accessory like a gold watch. Or, an all-white dress with a pair of nude pumps.

France’s Former First Lady, Carla Bruni Sarkozy Photo: Salon Pirve Mag
Photo: Lipstick Alley
Photo: Lipstick Alley
Black and Khaki Colors are a great Monochromatic option Photo: Daily Mail UK


Since your wardrobe will be simple in style, you can get away with intricate accessories like a statement necklace if you feel the need to add some spunk to your wardrobe.

My favorite accessories are high-quality, luxury items, like a Michael Kors gold watch, diamond studs/gold hoops, and Jimmy Choo nude pumps.

Jackie O’s Famous Turtleneck & Cartier Tank Watch Photo: Mrs Jones and Co.


It’s so important the way your clothing fits. A quality piece can easily be less than standard if it’s too big or too little for your body type. Take the time to visit a tailor for items such as your LBD, or blazer which may fit too snug or too loose in the shoulders.


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