Case Study: How to Market Your Startup’s Newsletter

This week I was consulting with one of my clients and working with their branding of their startup when I was asked my thoughts on how to best market their newsletter.

So I thought I would post my response to this and share my ideas with subscribers of this blog looking to kickstart their startup by incorporating a newsletter in their content marketing strategy.

Photo: Creative Market
Brand Kit Photo: Creative Market

But first let’s discuss the value a newsletter has for communicating your brand. A newsletter’s purpose for communicating your brand messages to target audience is two-fold. Newsletters serve as a great marketing tool for:

  • Incorporating informative content (blog content, how-to videos) that lends integrity to your startup while increasing your brand reputation
  • Increasing brand visibility amongst your subscribers each month so that you can stay on top of your target audience’s mind

Newsletters also serve as a great brand consistency tool because each month subscribers of your newsletters are exposed to your brand identity (name, tagline, logo, key messages) which reinforces your brand concept in their minds each month.

Brand Kit Photo: Foundation Made
Brand Kit Photo: Foundation Made

So, now that you know the benefit of creating a newsletter for your startup, let’s discuss how to market it. When I was discussing ways to market a newsletter this week to one of my startup clients, here were some ideas I came up with:

  • Incorporate and ‘weave’ the newsletter into your brand identity: Have a link to your newsletter in your startup’s email signature, footer of your blog, in all social media bios, on website
  • Offer incentives for customers to sign up for your newsletter with their email: Give a discount on consulting services if a customer signs up for your newsletter
  • Encourage referrals from your existing newsletter subscribers: Word-of-Mouth marketing is so effective for spreading awareness and is a low-cost way to market a newsletter. Perhaps offer your subscribers a percentage discount for every five or so people your subscribers get to sign up to your newsletter. 
  • Tease content: Playing upon people’s curiosity is a great way to uniquely market a newsletter. Try teasing some of your content on your website (only post the first few sentences of content) and encourage readers to sign up for your monthly newsletter to read the rest. Make sure the content that you do tease is interesting enough to capture reader’s attention so that they will want to continue reading.
  • Guest Speaking Opportunities: Guest speaking opportunities serve as a great platform to reinforce your brand and to spread awareness of your brand in front of new clients. At the end of your guest speaker event, have an email signup sheet for audience members to sign up and receive your newsletter. If the audience was intrigued and effectively engaged throughout your speaker event, chances are they will want to continue to learn more as the months go on.

Hopefully these tips offer you some insight into how a newsletter adds value to your brand and how to effectively promote it. For help on this branding strategy and more, Sign up for a brand consultation today: (Click Here)

Cover Photo: UCLA Business School


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