Notes From Marketing for Entrepreneurs Seminar Part 2

I’m very happy that so many of you who read my last post, Notes From Marketing for Entrepreneurs Seminar Part 1. Based on the feedback I received, many you expressed disappointment that you weren’t able to attend the seminar, which is why I thought to post some of the more important speaking points from the event to my site for everyone to read.

If you haven’t read Part 1 of my notes from the seminar, I would suggest going back and reading it when you have a chance. Last week I wrote about the lecturer’s tips on various types of market research techniques entrepreneurs can use when honing in on their audience.

This week, I’ll be discussing the lecturer’s advice when it comes to Generating Leads for One’s Business.

But first I’ll begin with a quote that really stuck with me during the seminar. So much so that I scrambled to write it down quickly on my legal pad during the seminar!

“Marketing is telling the world that you’re a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world you are one.

This quote really speaks volumes and will serve as an appropriate theme to the speaking point from the seminar that I’ll be discussing now.

One of the most crucial points that I received from the seminar on this topic of generating leads for a business is that marketing is essentially moving the customer down the purchase path.

NYC Bronze Bull
Marketing is moving the consumer down the purchase path to buy Photo: The Crypto Journalist

Since marketing is generating leads, the pathway to generating this leads is methodical in nature.

For instance, the lecturer described this pathway to generating leads as follows from the perspective of the customer:


Do customers know who you are? What your business does? Should they even care about your business?

A static website that can be found easily online (listing your brand name/information) answers this question of creating brand awareness for customers to know about your brand and what products/services your business has.

Starbucks Store in NYC 48th & Lexington
Great example of instant brand recognition due to consistent use of a logo Photo: Starbucks on 48th & Lexington NYC


Do customers like you? Like your business? Do they like/respond to your brand messages?

Branding plays a huge role in moving potential customers down the path to becoming loyal customers. A well thought-out brand that is relatable and captures the attention of customers is a great way to get them to like you and earn their business.

A great way to see how customers are responding to your brand is to check the amount of engagement and also the type of engagement you are receiving on social media.

Burberry finds it's niche with sharing photos tailored towards their market, not just advertising brand Photo: EnPlug
Burberry finds it’s niche sharing photos that interest their market instead of only advertising their trenchcoats Photo: EnPlug


Do customers trust your brand? Do they consider you an expert in your field?

Content marketing (informative content such as blogs/newsletters/how-to videos) is a great way to educate target customers on topics in your industry. It’s also a great way to position your startup as a credible expert in your field.

Your content should serve as the answer to your target market’s Google search questions. Position your brand as a thought-leader in your field. A credible and reliable source for which your customers can reference you.

A tried and true brand that practices brand consistency is essential Photo: GlassDoor
A tried and true brand that practices brand consistency is essential Photo: GlassDoor


Do your customers know how to get started with your business? Does your brand/website have a call to action? A button they can click to sign up to your newsletter?

After creating awareness of your brand either through content or social media marketing, it’s important to have a strong Call To Action to guide potential customers down the path to become actual customers for your business.

Nike's slogan 'Just Do It' gives a firm call to action for their customers Photo: Kicks On Fire
Nike’s slogan ‘Just Do It’ gives a firm call to action for their customers Photo: Kicks On Fire

The lecturer ended this segment of the seminar by expressing the importance content marketing has in answering the vital questions as listed above. He expressed this by stating that, ‘content should be created to convert readers to become customers.’

The great beauty of marketing is that while it generates leads, marketing actually guides your customers down the purchase path. When retooling your marketing strategies, keep these 4 Steps in mind when making any vital branding decisions.


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