Creating Two Way Trust With Your Employees

Management is not only barking down orders from the top and hoping they trickle down. Management is about creating an environment for employees where they can complete their best work.

Management is essentially a people job. Leading others is not so much about being the best and doing the task yourself. It is about being skilled enough to explain how the task can be done. Then, stepping back to support employees throughout their trial and tribulations in completing that same task.

The words ‘stepping back’ is a critical part of management. It’s really simple to think that when managing employees, one has to constantly hover over employees to make sure they are being productive, coming into work on time, etc.

However, this constant act of micro-managing distracts management from achieving the larger goals they have for their company. i.e. competing with competitors, finding innovative ways to reach customers.

One of the theories that I found that solves this dilemma is from my Managing for Dummies book, which talks of the Two Way Trust Method:

Highly recommend ordering these books to read!
Highly recommend ordering these books to read!

The Two-Way Trust theory is a method that employs strategic hiring and the act of providing effective resources for employees to do their best work. 

It creates an environment where managers have the belief that their employees are inherently hard working and want to succeed. Additionally, employees then feel that their management trusts them enough to complete their daily job role duties without constant supervision.

So how do you achieve this two-way trust as a manager?

Hire Good People

Put in place an effective recruitment program and thorough enough job-screening process that will help to hire quality candidates. This strategy does a lot to reaffirm management that the employees you have will want to come in on time daily and work to the best of their ability.

Provide Tools For People To Do Their Job

Once employees are hiring, put emphasis on training employees to do their job well. Also provide an option for employees to participate in educational courses that will give them skills to help them promote.

Photo: Regus
Two-Way Trust takes out the ‘Baby Sitting’ part of management Photo: Regus

Get Out Of the Way and Let Your People Do Their Work

Quit Hovering over employees over fears that deadlines will be missed and work will not be complete. Have you ever heard of the phrase, a watched pot never boils?

Once employees have the tools they need to achieve success, as well as the trust and support of management, a two-way environment of trust is created. Give employees an environment where they can utilize their prior work history experience and apply their own creative ideas to tasks without fear of criticism and rejection. 


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