How To Stay Focused During the Holidays

Photo: LinkedIn
Photo: LinkedIn

So we’re coming to the start of the holiday season and when you’re focused on achieving both your business and professional goals you know that this is no time to slack. Between the various holiday parties to prepare for and the overall apathetic nature of the office during this merry season, it’s easy to become unfocused.

I’m currently dealing with this in my current office setting. Whenever you’re in a team setting you always have other team members who struggle with a lack of motivation around this time. For instance, this week at my office, various team members chose to take off for the Thanksgiving week knowing well in advance that the work they leave behind will reappear back into their lives like old an ex flame.

So you’re wondering how did I when in the midst of colleagues choosing an easier route stay focused on my workload? The answer is simple. I have staying power and I fight gritty. I choose the slow and steady approach when accomplishing goals and work objectives.

Photo: About Astrology
Photo: About Astrology

Here are some of my tips that I found have helped me stay true to my goals during this holiday season:

Stay in the Zone

At my office there is a ton of noise around me. And yes, you guessed it! Most of that noise is non work-related. One of my tips for staying focused and concentrated on your daily work task is to tune everyone out. Who cares if your co-worker got a new friend on Facebook. Does their friend on Facebook help you achieve your goals of pursuing financial freedom by starting a successful business? If not, tune it out.

Work in Increments

The biggest mistake to tackling a large workload, especially around the holidays when weariness sets in is to think you have to do it all in one setting. At the beginning of each day I like to set small goals of how much work I’ll accomplish by noon, by lunchtime, and before my afternoon break. For instance, usually if I work 9 to 5 I like to have close to half of my reports done by noon. Then before my 2 o’clock lunch, I like to schedule a couple of conference calls in. By 4 o’clock I like to have the other half of my reports finished. Therefore, I have about an hour to take care of unexpected tasks or reply to missed emails.

Stay Caffeinated

I’m not going to lie, coffee is my savior. Especially if I’m not out of the office by 6 pm. Especially after lunch, I need something to stay awake with and keep me alert. Don’t you just love it when there’s a Starbucks in your office? (Don’t feel bad if you don’t have a Starbucks in your office, you’ll get there soon enough!)

Choose Long-Term Over the Short-Term

It would be a much simpler route to go home from work early and spend some pre-Thanksgiving time doing holiday vacation-related stuff. However, this is a short-term fix and not related to my overall goal in life. My long-term goals are so far-reaching, so much so, that it helps me stay determined, patient and inspired to turn down immediate gratification in favor of delayed gratification. When you hear your office workers brag about the latest rave party they skipped work to attend, just know as you’re filing that latest report, that one day you might be their boss!


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