The Softest (And Most Ethical) Shirt You Can Buy

Originally Published by June 9, 2015

UNIFORM was created to not only to get kids back in school, but women back in the workplace. The shirts are made in the L&J factory in Liberia, where 98% of the employees are working mothers.

Within six hours, L&J reached their initial goal of sending 2,000 kids to school, but now the company is aiming at sending 50,000 students to school by the end of the year. As of right now, more than 6,000 kids in Liberia will be receiving a school uniform.

And celebs such as Whitney Port, Shaquille O’Neal and Urban Bush Babes have all shown their support for the clothing line with a mission. The shirts are available in white, black and grey and in addition to the shirts, customers will receive a notebook, pencil and a Polaroid photo of the child who received a new school uniform.

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Shaquille O'Neal (SHAQ) for Uniform Campaign
Tascha Halliburton, State Director for UNIFORM campaign in 2015 Photo:

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