Braathe Enterprises Marketing Project Activity List

Tascha Halliburton Project Manager
Braathe Enterprises Marketing Project Activity List (Click Image To View)

Background: Braathe Enterprises is a management consulting firm in Upstate New York that consists of several divisions including: Project Consulting & Training Workshops for entrepreneurs.

Scope: Staying organized on priority tasks and activities was essential during my time as a Project Manager overseeing the Braathe Enterprises marketing team. This activity list allowed the firm to understand what tasks needed to be completed, the amount of time needed to complete each task, and the order of which tasks should be completed.

The Activity List also served as a great team building exercise as the project team was heavily involved in the creation of this document. Their involvement consisted of reporting the average time each activity would take to complete, along with the various steps needed to complete their division’s work packages.

I was able to include their estimated durations and float time available for each task while calculating a more accurate time estimate using a PERT analysis. This allowed me to schedule activities in line with meeting our project deadline.



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