Myers Briggs for Team Building

I’ve used the Myers Briggs tool for each project team I have led. The Myers Briggs tool is best used objectively.

1) With adherance to each type’s cognitive functions.

2) Each team members personal preference for taking in information.

3) Along with their approach to problem solving.

So important to get away from focusing on only the individual letters for each type when testing. This leads to errors in testing. Focus on the cognitive functions such as Te: Extraverted Thinking, or Si: Introverted Sensing.

Please also keep in mind that the stereotypes of introvert and extrovert are simply stereotypes. The leading cognitive function forms the introvert or extravert function. Not whether you enjoy staying home on Saturday nights.

Myers Briggs DaveSuperPowers

The 16 Personality Types from

For instance, if your lead preference is Ne: Extraverted Intuition. The leading function in your Myers Briggs stack would be Ne. Your leading function (Ne) enables you to brainstorm many possibilities and predict multiple outcomes. One can imagine how powerful this skill would be on a project team.

I encourage everyone to check out the MBTI research at

The research from Objective Personality is a great tool to find your type so that you can use your skills to their fullest in your profession.

In case you’re curious, I tested ENTJ. My cognitive functions from most used to least are: 

Hero: Extraverted Thinking

Parent: Introverted Intuition 

Tertiary: Extraverted Sensing

Inferior: Introverted Feeling





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