TBT: My Charity Campaign with Shaq

Shaquille O'neal Uniform campaign

Being asked to be a State Director for clothing company Liberty & Justice’s UNIFORM 2015 campaign was one of my most proudest moments. The charity campaign benefited Liberian children dealing with the aftermath of the Ebola crisis. Each tee sold to donors purchased a school uniform, a requirement for Liberian children to attend school. In all, […]

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Looking for a Professional Mentor

Even though I’ve completed my Bachelor’s degree in 2014, I still believe in expanding one’s interest and learning from others. Currently I’m looking for a professional mentor who is a leader within the business industry & has philanthropic interests. If interested, please contact me at Tascha.Halliburton@live.com or connect with me via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/TaschaHalliburton Thanks!  

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3 Crowdfunding Essentials (from an Investor’s Perspective)

Having spent the early part of May getting a head start on summer activities, I suddenly found my inbox flooded with business plans and proposals from others asking for my support and/or funding for their startup and charitable pursuits. Throughout the past couple years as a philanthropist promoting social causes and helping entrepreneurs promote their […]

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Running A Business In West Africa After Ebola: A Lesson In Entrepreneurial Agility

Originally Published by Forbes June 29, 2015 As the direct effects of the Ebola epidemic become less visible in Liberia, the work of economic and social recovery is just beginning, and it will likely span generations. Today, unemployment is raging and growth projections for the country have been cut in half, from 6.8 percent to 3 […]

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Global Education: Stars Support UNIFORM Project

Shaquille O'Neal (SHAQ) for Uniform Campaign

Originally Published by Borgen Magazine September 16, 2015 NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal and fashion designer Whitney Port have partnered with UNIFORM to help send thousands of Liberian children back to school. UNIFORM is a premium t-shirt line that sells “effortlessly stylish” shirts for men, women and children that can be dressed up or down. Continue […]

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