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Liberty & Justice UNIFORM Campaign
Tascha Halliburton
2015 UNIFORM Campaign

State Director (June 2015-July 2015)
Responsibilities: Represented the company and educated target audiences on challenges Liberian children endured via the aftermath of the 2014 Ebola Crisis through communication with identified internal and external stakeholders. Created digital media content (blog posts, social media updates). Tracked content performance and utilized trends to maximize brand engagement for social media users.


  • Fundraising efforts raised $230,059 for Liberian children to purchase the required uniforms to attend school.
  • Nominated as top State Director with the most social media engagement & press mentions.
  • NBA Player Shaquille O’Neal became involved with campaign as a celebrity ambassador
Boys and Girls Club of Benton County
BGCBC Benton County
Boys and Girls Club Benton County

Donor (August 2016-Present)
Responsibilities: Leveraged professional expertise to create engaging web content which highlighted charitable work of BGCBC and encouraged website visitors to become donors.


  • My donation helped to fund after-school activities and educational scholarships for the children of BGCBC.
  • The digital media content I created went ‘viral’ via social media, resulting in 7 new donors from my network
Cure AHC
Cure AHC (alternating hemiplegia syndrome)
Cure AHC Charity

Campaign Promoter (July 2017-August 2017)
Responsibilities: Designed a community outreach program consisting of personal contacts which significantly heightened attendance at Cure AHC’s (Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood) Golf For a Cure annual charity tournament. Social media marketing strategies via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook were used to draw awareness of Cure AHC and their non profit mission of raising funds for AHC research. Tickets were $100 per person.


  • Cure AHC saw a 15% increase in donations after the annual tournament was hosted on August 11, 2017.